Title - Harry's Mom
Harry's Mom

Harry's Mom is a beautiful Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi named "Can.Ch. Su B's Marged Ab Pencader" or "SuB" (rhymes with Scooby) for short.

Harry was lucky enough to spend the first four months of his life with his mom, which is why he is such a polite young dog. She taught him very good manners.

SuB is not only a great mom, she was also a pretty good herding dog in her day.

We never met Harry's dad. He was a dog named Am.Ch. Kennebec Rogue of Red Oak. We don't know what his friends call him. In true dog fashion, he was a love-'em-and-leave-'em kind of guy. Judging from Harry though, his dad must've been a pretty good sort.

Not too long before we went to get Harry, his mom had an accident and hurt her back, so she wasn't getting around very well. We went back to visit a couple of months later (a joyous reunion, with much licking of noses) and she was doing better, but still wasn't fully mobile. We wish her well and hope she is better.

A very sad update: We recently learned that Harry's Mom passed away. We know that, wherever she is, it's a happy place where it's always a sunny day, there's always lots of fun things to do, and dogs are never in pain.