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Victoria, Australia

Hi Harry, you are a damn handsome dog. Clever too. Are you married? I am a gorgeous Cardigan, although my humans occassionally refer to me as a footstool. You will be happy to know that I also have psychic powers - I can happily psyche my humans out of anything vaguely edible. Love your skyway! Regards from your new Aussie mate Ruby.

Hannah Fishinyess

England, Brighton

I'm just gonna say that this is such a weird website that I thank my brother for showing this to me. Thanks Neil, I thought I knew the weirdest website ever, but obviously not. The 'What would Harry do?' was inspirationally strange. Thanks Harry.

Gus' Mom


Harry, I'm wiping the tears from my eyes over "What would Harry Do?" I always think the best solutions is a nap and so does my Corgi boy Gus. This website is very clever and has great insight to the Corgi mind and personality. Thanks for the great chuckle!

Ajax, Minnie, Zelda


Hi Harry, We all enjoyed your website. Our human mommy enjoys looking at all kinds of websites involving our fellow corgis. Zelda is Ch. Tricreek's Zeal-a-cious, Ajax is Tricreek's Cardigan Squire, and Minnie is Dixie's Minnie Chick (Minnie is our Pem) Zelda is now retired from the show ring and whelphing box and is now a lady of leisure in retirement with one of her babies a beautiful fluffy black brindle boy, Ajax. We all enjoy spending time looking at the web. We used to have a sweet blue merle brother Poe that was taken from us when we were on vacation a year ago. We love seeing beautiful blue merles, they remind us of him. Loved your site!

Radar von Cannonball (a pembroke)


My dog Radar & I love your site, as a huge corgi fan we want to see more sites like yours! Thanks for creating such a great site. Harry (the owner)& Radar(the corgi or master, which ever works)


Rochester, New York USA

I loved the message in the story. Isn't it the truth? I am writing an article for my breed magazine (PBGVs) about old dogs. I cuddle with my 14 y.o. every night before we go to bed. He "talks" to me during this special time. I think it's his favorite time of day.

Jordana Bannerman

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Harry I love this website and I'm here all the time to play your very very fun game herd a cow. I hope you never leave this website.

Faye Amos

Decatur, Ar.

I loved the story of your walk, and so true about us humans. I raise Border Collies. I tried the game and I am a watch dog. I will try to be a herding dog.



Good dog!

Lisa Pisciotta

Littleton, CO

Hi Harry and good human! My little blue merle doggie is Griffin, and he's about 14 months old. He is the joy of my life and now have a hankering to add to the fold. My husband and I have already picked out a name and funny the name we picked is HARRY!!! We thought Griffin and Harry should be fine companions. I loved your website and you're a fine looking doggie to boot! Thanks for letting us peek into your life.

Peanut Butter N Buster Brown

Michigan, USA

Dear Harry, We are Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Parson's Terrier Mixes, We are enjoying being young adults learning all the tasks or being good dogs! Our Mom has been taking her Dogs to nursing homes for the aged for 16 years and she told us we would be doing the same if we figured what "outside" meant. We had fun reading your page! Buster Brown, Peanut Butter with the older kids, SkipperFun, Pom and Girl Dog, Smooth Collie, Karyn pack dirrector



Hello Harry! I`m a Pembroke girl from Norway! I realy enjoyd myself at your website. It was great fun, and we will be back some other time. Feel free to visit us.
Best regards Siw and Caventina

Jackson and Tucker

Southern CA

Hi Harry- We loved looking over your site. I look just like you! I'm a blue merle and I'm just over a year old. My little brother Tucker is five months old. He's a black and white! We love the sheep herding game! Love, Jackson and Tucker
Check out our website!

Afaara Angelina Acer Maple

Bellevue, WA

Harry, I learned a lot from reading your page (or reading my owner's mind as she read your page). I play Lacrosse and soccer with my boy. He lobs the ball and I guard it. My favorite game with the family is "chase". I grab something and they chase me around the house. Then we all laugh and I get a treat. They fall for it every time. I'm a 19 month old blue marle female.


Evergreen, CO

Hey, Dude. We should go out some time, lift some legs, chase some sqirrels, eat some inappropriate food like deer droppings. My humans adopted me from the pound a few months ago and now life revolves around the Kirbster. Truth is, I'm a mutt, half Corgi and half J. Russell Terrier but I live in a tolerant household and I'm hoping you're into the diversity thing too and will let me on your website. I'm called Kirby because I'm short and long and round like those old cannister vacuums and because I inhale everything on the floor. My humans heard Corgis like to eat and they've decided I'm 90% Corgi because eating is my favorite hobby. That and herding deer. Oh boy, oh boy! You're website is so cool, wish my humans had some talent...



Hi Harry, Really great site you have here and my mom loves it too! She had a blast playing your game-She's a CORGI! I'm not surprised. With 4 nutty felines to chase around(they make life interesting!)They are:Merlyn Marie(10.5yrs),Trouble Jihnn(7toe Hemingway-3 yrs),Kix Ninata and Auriel Morgane(sisters age 1yr)All are Siamese but Trouble she is a tyger grey. I am 7.5yrs old and a 5# (Gazelle) chihuahua-fawn colored. My mom says I look like a little deer. Sometimes she calls me by my full name but not often; Sir Maximillian Of Avalon. Has a nice ring I think. Anyway, thanks for the fun my friend and take care. Two paws up!!

brywnn & bo

north west cape western australia

nice site, Our two special girls are Brywnn (Cardibroke Brywnn Misty Blue) - female blue merle, and Bo (Cardiwest Buttons and Bows, a black and white (both extreme cardigans). We can relate to everything you say about this beautiful and special breed. Take good care of him..good to see other cardigan nuts out there Pete and Trish

Caduceus Castaway Wilson

Ashburn, VA near Wash., DC

Hello! I, too, am an amazingly gifted cardigan corgi of the brindle/white coloring. I am about 8 mos. now and really see eye-to-eye with you on that love of chewing. There's not much that can withstand my teeth! I just wanted to complement you on your entertaining and well-designed site! You can visit me at my site. Best wishes in all you corgi pursuits :-)

Lori G

Kansas City Mo

Hi Harry! I have a female cardigan corgy named Smidge who is also a blue meryl. She's 3 years old and your pictures reminded me a lot of her. We also have another corgy named Ernestine, but she is a black and brendle cardigan - she runs our whole house. You might want to check out the website for the "sweetpea organization" here in KC. It's a local lady named Sarah who rescues corgies that need a good home. That's how we got Smidge. :) Lori G

Chester and Zorro Robertson

Osceola, Indiana

Harry! We love your site! We have our own little web page too. Nothing like yours, but our Mom put some of our pictures on the web for others to see. We are both Pems and are so jealous of your tail! Come visit our site! Then just click "Welsh Corgi"

Jennifer Roberson

Arizona, USA

Harry! So nice to meet you! We have snow here, too, despite living in Arizona; we're at 7000 feet elevation. Not much this year so far, though, so we're still waiting to play Cardigan Snow Games. You are a very handsome boy. Our human mom breeds Cardigans, specializing in blue merles . . . imagine the time when blue merles were the least popular color! How unfair! But we're definitely catching up to those brindles, now! Take care of yourself, Harry! --three blues, three blacks at Cheysuli.

Patricia Dickson

Kitchener, Ontario

Hi Harry, I know your Mum and Dad but it's the four legged creatures that really pull my chain. I'd cross the road to get a lick or two from most of my four legged friends. Hope to see you soon Harry. How's the new kid working out...?

harry joly de lotbiniere

judd school

hello, my names harry too!! isn't that great, my mum's a dog too! laters, great site!!


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Your site is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading your stories (and giggling as I read). You have sold me on Corgis!

Barley the dog and his human Jami


Harry, Jami and I both agree that you should continue writing. I love to listen to your stories. Your human has a knack for writing about the corgi way. If he ever writes a book let us know! Thanks for sharing your stories.

Vickie, Dominoe & Mcgwire

Missouri, USA

Great Site! Enjoyed the visit :-) Thanks for the chuckles!! Stop by and see us sometime, the dog door is always open.. ~ Vickie, Dominoe & Mcgwire


Wha?!...I can't tell you the secret location of my dreamland!

Hi!This site is 2 cute!Lol!I like corgis even though I own a black lab.(Woof woof!I love you too Shadow.)



I enjoyed your site Harry, I have a little girl corgi named Maggie and while I was checking out your site she was on her back, feet in the air, smiling at me. Thanks again for a little fun.



Woof Woof!



Hi Harry, I love your site. You seem to be a very lucky pooch, such an understanding Dad or is it Mum? My human Mum and Dad know your Grandma...Chris who lives in Canada. I bet she is sure proud of you. Check with your Dad or maybe Mum if you can become a member of The Welsh Corgi Club. It is the oldest breed club in the world and I know all the members would be real chuffed if you would become a member also. Check out their website here.



Hi Harry -- I have decided to come out of the mystic closet. I too have mind powers over my mom and dad. I thought I was the only one but it is nice to know that I am not alone. Thanks for giving me hope. Check out my page -- it isn't much but I just convinced my mom that I need my own domain. It'll get better.

Hans & Karen

Northern New Jersey

We've been pouring over Harry's web site for the last few days. Our own corgi pup is expected in April, and we can't wait. Now, to figure out what to tell the three cats.


Lompoc, California

Harry, My mom & dad seem to think that just because we live in a one-story house without a basement that we don't need a Corgi Skyway. If you think of a way to convince them, please let me know. Us Cardigans should stick together. Slainte!


New Zealand

Hi Harry, I loved your website. I have three Pembrokes and miss the tail. I love your new Skyway, congratulations on getting the "olds" to build it for you.

Donna Plummer

Chesapeake, Virginia

What an awesome website, Harry. I've been wanting a blue merle for nearly four years now. I'm hoping this year will be the year. I've had three black and white cardigans and absolutely love them. I've had two Pembroke and one is still living with me. Corgis are the best dogs ever. I've enjoyed reading your stories, Harry. They are truly funny.

Ray Le Roux

Goose Creek S.C.

Cute website:>

Yana Dimitrova

nice website

Ati Dekker-Pilon

Eenrum, The Netherlands

Hallo Harry, what a beautiful homepage you have.I saw that two other Dutch Corgi's signed in. Jimmy en Lizzy from the courtly and welshclans breeders. Visit my homepage and you can see pictures of Jimmy, his father and many of his other half brothers and sisters.


Zuidland, Holland

Hey, Harry I like your site. Nice coat you're having. Also greetings from Jimmy (son of Elmo, champ of Courtly Clan) and Lovely Lizzy from the Welsh Clan. Both Dutch breeders. Please see the pictures of Jimmy (ie) first show entrance third place, excellent between four "older" champs.

Judy & Wayne


Hi Harry, just wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and hope you get lots of toys for Christmas.


new england

you sound like the bestest doggy in the world ** besides mine of course* lol from me

Michael Down, ESQ


Hey Harry! Your site is awsome, i showed it to some of my friends around the school and they think you are cool. I got 50 cows on Harry's Herd a Cow. Awsome eh.


France (but I live in Japan)

Hi Harry, I really enjoyed your site, and you are SO CUTE !!! I hope to have a little Cardigan sister for my Nana next year...;0)
Nana's Homepage



Great website, Harry! I especially enjoyed reading Corgi Mind Tricks. I recently lost a Pembroke--Zachary--and am still heartbroken, and reading that brought back so many memories. In a few short months I'll be getting another Corgi (of course!). Can't wait. Pats to Harry.


Melbourne (Australia)

Hi Harry I love your pages! You sound like a dog who knows how to have fun. With tailwags and Dalmatian smiles, Sam xxx Come visit me on the Web!



Hi Harry! Iīm a blue merle girl. I love your site and you are a nice dog! Feel free to visit my page.



Harry, thanks for all the great stories. Your antics remind me of Mugsy, who just recently left us. I have to say that you have really brightened my day, though. So thanks for sharing your many adventures with all of us.


Ontario, Canada

I love you Harry! xo xo xo

Cennardīs Andy the Corgi


Hallo Harry - what a super fine dog you are - and what a nice homepage you have! Would just leave a mark in your guestbook and invite you to visit me at my site Your pal Andy the cyber-Corgi

Colby Buggins

Tampa, Florida USA

Hi Harry, I just love your website!! We are 2 very lucky Corgis to have websites all to ourselves :) Take care & keep waggin'! Colby Buggins - aarroo.com


Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Harry, your a lucky dog!!! I used your numbers and won $407 playing Cash 5. I never won anything before! Thanks, Harry!



What a nice site and thanks for your link to my site!


Strathroy, Ontario

Hi Harry, I looked for you to drive by today on your way to chase the geese but I didn't see your ears or any other part of you. I hope your person gets his car fixed soon.


Cleveland, Ohio

You're a lucky dog. I won $1,500 with your lottery picks! Thanks Harry.

Paul & MishaVancouver, BC / coolmutts.com

Wow !You have an Excellent Site!
Gwyn, your handsome brotherGlencoe Ont.Hi Bro' wondered how you made out,it's been a while. Mum(Su'B) got pretty sick a while back and went across the Rainbow Bridge. She promised to wait for us there,when we get to make the journey.
Alyssa AnnisonWindsor, OntarioHi Harry!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa brings you lots of gifts.
Your Friend,
Your struggle to be housebroken has inspired me to start urinating on copies of the Age Dispatch. Unfortunately for me, I have now been banned from the newspaper room of the London Public Library.

KristenKnoxville, TNI just wanted to welcome you to the corgi webring and compliment you on your site. Its one of the best I have seen! Have fun surfing the ring!
TazLondon, OntarioDear Harry, Hey big boy! Bet you never took down a bat. I did recently, much to the immense relief of my co-habitants (aka "Mommy and Daddy"), who cowered in the bathroom while I did my thing!! The best adventure I've had in my short (nine month) life. Betcha I could beat you in the hockey pool too!! Your feline rival,

SugarToesThe House in the WoodsDear Harry, My name is SugarToes and I'm a Tuxedo Tabby Cat. Please don't get mad at me for being a cat. I can't help it. I have a question that only a smart dog like you can answer. What is the best way to avoid being hurt by dogs that like to chase cats? I'm still a young cat and I don't have an older brother or sister to teach me all the things a cat is supposed to know. I thought that asking a dog might be a good idea. Maybe you could let me in on a doggie secret or two? We have racoons here too and they scare me alot too. They don't leave when I hiss at them. Any ideas on them too? I think you're a most handsome dog, as dogs go. Have you ever thought about a movie career? You have really nice, kind eyes, for a dog. Got to go now. My human is in the kitchen and I think I hear the can opener thing going.
Love & Purrs,

JudyLondonWell Harry, seems it took four paws, big ears, and no doubt some wet kisses to turn Glenn into a optimist instead of such a pessimist. Pets seems to do that. Hope you keep winning the pool.

ScooterBrookview - The Winter WastelandHello Harry! You are kind of cute for a dog!You should ask one of your parents if they could bring you in to the office so we could see you. Someone suggested that we have a pet day at The Age Dispatch. What do you think?
Love, Scooter

GwyneddFlorida, USA Hey, you handsome Corgi-dude. My name is Gwynedd (named after the beautiful province in Wales) and I'm a little red 12 month old Pemmie. My Mom is teaching me how to operate a computer, but no matter how short she keeps my nails, they always seems to stick in the keyboard.....darn. One night recently, I snuck out of the house all by myself and went to my backyard because I thought I heard little tiny voices, laughter and the "whirring" of little wings. Guess what I found out?????? I'm a Fairy Steed! Wow, I feel special. I wasn't careful enough, though, because my Mom actually managed to take a photo of me with the little fairy on my back. I'll have to be more careful in the future. Coming from the same part of the world as I do, I'm sure you can understand this mystical phenominon! Well, I have to go and play ball now...and later, rest upside down on my little red back. I'll bet you have your family wrapped around your little paw just like I do! Well, bye little friend! Woofs, licks and puppy love.

Auntie IsUKSuch a pampered pooch to have his own website!

Norm and BerylTorontoHi Harry! You really are becoming quite famous- even fan-mail from England. I love your pawprints. How are you doing in the Hockey Pool?
ScottCanadaI have a corgi cross and she does all the same things. We call her rascal or destructor. She plays fetch with two balls, 2 sticks- whatever she can find. How does Harry deal with kids?

Bob-DogStrathroyHey ya little sausage! When ya comin' to visit? You can help me look for all those bones I buried and can't find. Ya better not try to eat any of 'em though!
BellaNewmarketCome and play with me!! I liked your treat box,but I chewed the dispenser off. Now the game is boring. Thank god christmas is over and I don't have to run around looking like a dog with deer antlers that flash. See ya.

Zach and Carrie StaufferKingston, OhioOur seven month old female Corgi, Dixie thinks Harry is cute!

Blackie, Snout, Snooker,
The Tree HouseToo bad you have such short little legs that you can't catch us.We squirrels are small too BUT FASTER than you. Let's have a race.

Barb and Dave
Forest, OntarioHarry, We hope you have a very Merry Christmas that is filled with all the dog treats you can possibly eat. Also I hope Santa leaves you a book which you can study up on your hockey players.Our wish for you will be that you move up on the hockey pool list in the new year. Woof, Woof!

LucyMichiganHi Harry! You are one handsome fella! My friend Judy in London, Ontario sent me your site address so I hopped right on over to say hello. I especially liked your after-the-bath picture... you can tell what you thought of that ordeal. :-)

SaraLucknow areaHello Harry! You sound like quite the dog. My dog Daisy likes to bound through the snow bunny style too. Good luck on your hockey pool picks!
Teena, Hogan, and WinnieWe're cats, we have a window...So. Like. Just cuz you're a dog, you think you're all special or something. Well, look here buddy, we can go pee and poo INSIDE our house whenever we take the notion. How do you like that? Also, we think your Dad Glenn and Mom Joanne are just a bit overprotective and you prolly don't even get an allowance like us. So. Bye for now.

GennyThe house with the good back door.Hi Harry Dog, When are you coming for a visit again? I've got 7 squirrels now for you to chase.

Dave and C.W.down the street, around the corner, around another corner, and then spit

Hello Harry,You're a magnificent fellow indeed and we think you're ever so swell.