Title - Headed for Home

Headed for Home

With the sun getting lower in the sky, we headed for home. We were still navigating by dog's choice, but I could hear the honking of the geese getting louder in the distance.

We headed back along the lake, back over the bridge, through the tunnel and to the highschool. I looked at Harry and he looked at me. Almost as if a starter's pistol had been fired, we took off in exact co-ordination. We ran at top speed along the athletic track, sprinting as fast as our tired legs would carry us.

At the far side of the field, we huffed and wheezed as we ducked under the overpass. It looked like a long and tired walk the rest of the way home.

But by then we were back in squirrel country and the fatigue seemed to wash away. When one silly squirrel came down out of his tree right in front of us we couldn't resist. Even dog tired, we could still appreciate a good squirrel chase.

We ran him a good fifty yards before he cheated and climbed a tree. We never really wanted to catch him, or even thought we had a chance of doing so, but there's something about chasing squirrels that just never gets old.

By this point in the trip, our reserves were completely gone, and so was our water supply. We wandered the rest of the way home, tired but happy.

My thoughts were clearer than they had been in a very long time. My priorities were back in order. Harry's priorities, on the other hand, had never shifted..

He showed me what we supposedly higher evolved humans can't seem to grasp for any length of time. The important things in life are the simplest.

All the fancy gadgets and high-priced toys in the world can't for a minute compare with the simple pleasure of spending time with your pack, enjoying nature and just acting like a puppy.